Ibex Belts

All leather Ibex England belts are measured from the start of the leather at the buckle to the middle hole. Their leather belts have five holes spaced at approximately 1-inch intervals.

We recommend, for the best fit, selecting a size 1-inch up from the trouser waist size worn, based on the belt being fastened on the middle hole. For example, if a 32-inch jeans/trouser is worn, then a 34-inch belt is likely to fit.

Men's Belts

The waist measurement below is the, waist size from the start of the buckle to the middle hole.

Size Waist (cm's) Waist (Inches)
S 81cm 32"
M 89cm 35"
L 97cm 38"
XL 104cm 41"
2XL 112cm 44"
3XL 119cm 47"

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