When searching for a new outdoor jacket, Seasalt are experts in crafting waterproof breathable styles. They prioritize providing the right fit, style, and technical features for various outdoor activities, whether you're braving coastal adventures or going for a daily dog walk.

Our collection of Seasalt's coats are fully waterproof and breathable perfect for wet and windy days in the Peaks.

Seasalt's commitment to quality and style is evident in their use of innovative waterproof fabrics like HCR Technology®, Tin Cloth®, and Tide Cycle®. They also prioritize environmental responsibility by using PFC-free coatings in their products and avoiding Fluorocarbons.

Additionally, Seasalt pays attention to the finer details that make their jackets unique. These features include comfortable fits, adjustable elements, fully taped seams, two-way zips, and hidden internal pockets, ensuring that their coats not only fit perfectly but also keep you protected from the elements.