Here at Potters of Buxton we are proud that many of our brands are taking steps to reduce their impact on the planet, all without compromising on quality or style. Let us take you through a handy guide to some of the brilliant brands we stock and the fabrics they use, so you can ensure your wardrobe both looks good and creates as little negative impact as possible.


Cyberjammies are known for their super soft pyjamas, often featuring bold and modern prins, with a silky feel. To achieve this they use a cotton/modal blend for their fabric. Modal is a bio-synthetic material made from beech tree pulp, because beech trees don’t require a lot of water to grow, modal is considered to use 10-20 times less water than cotton. As a natural fibre, modal is very breathable and water absorbent, 50% more so than cotton while also being super soft. Any cotton included in their fabrics is sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. The properties of modal make it highly flexible and breathable, with the ability to drape well, and an incredibly soft feel on the skin. These properties make it a great fabric choice for Cyberjammies fun printed pyjama and robes, as well as their delicate camis and slouch tops.

Cyberjammies also monitor the social side of their production line. Producing in their own factories near Mumbai they focus on meeting international standards on human rights, living wages, child labour and modern slavery.

Calvin Klein

Modal also features in Calvin Klein’s staple bralettes; it’s soft, stretchy and flexible nature makes it a great choice for these items.

We also offer the CK ONE recycled range. Made from waste plastic found in the ocean, these bralettes and tangas still have the iconic simple CK design we know and love, with a much-reduced environmental impact and an even softer feel.

Seasalt Clothing

One of our largest brands, Seasalt, are a trailblazer in the organic cotton movement, being the first fashion company to achieve Soil Association Global Organic Textile Certification Standard Certification.

Seasalt also use a TencelTM Modal in some of their garments, one of the most eco-friendly versions of Modal on the market, which is EU label certified. This can be found in many of Seasalt’s Cornish-landscape inspired patterned tunics and blouses.


Barbour’s iconic wax jackets, including the Men’s Bedale Wax Jacket, Men’s Ashby Wax Jacket and the Women’s Beadnell Wax Jacket are produced using cotton sourced via the Better Cotton Initiative.

Swole Panda

Swole Panda specialise in socks and underwear featuring exciting bold patterns, all made using 100% organic bamboo. With bamboo only taking three years to mature, and growing readily, it is one of the most sustainable natural resources we can use as clothes fibres. Bamboo is naturally ‘not thirsty’, meaning it has limited water requirements, and Swole Panda treat and recycle any water that is used is, reintroducing it back into the cycle for irrigation.

For the customer, the benefits of bamboo are extreme softness and moisture wicking, bamboo derived viscose also has moisture wicking and antibacterial properties, making it a great choice for socks and underwear. These benefits can be enjoyed by the wearer, whilst also knowing that their pieces can be ethically traced right back to the source.

Meyer Trousers

Not only is the majority of the cotton in Meyer’s chinos, jeans and shorts organic, many are also produced using Fairtrade Cottons. When organic cotton isn’t used, Meyer are still focussed on sustainable fabrics. Many items, such as the St. Andrews golf shorts are made using the world’s leading recycled fibre, Repreve. Repreve is made from recycled bottles, and the unique manufacturing process embeds moisture wicking, thermo-control and water repellent properties right into the fabric.

Meyer also ensure that all of their products are 100% CO2 neutral. Part of this is that all Meyer products are made in Europe in Meyer’s own facility in Romania, reducing airmiles. In addition, they have award-winning carbon offsetting programmes.

March 23, 2023 — Olivia Welsh