The unpredictable weather means that our seasonal wardrobe has been experiencing an even longer overlap, with us holding onto our winter woollies and boots whilst the spring weather gets under way. Spring fashion is all about shedding the darker colours and textures of your winter wardrobe, and aiming for lighter, fresher shades with a totally new colour palette.

Today at Potters Of Buxton we’re focusing on the early spring trends that you can begin to wear even though the seasonal weather is taking it’s time to turn!

Accessorise for spring

There are many ways to incorporate classic spring style into your existing wardrobe, and one of those ways is by simply adopting some springtime accessories. Keep those spring showers from affecting your look by taking advantage of a beautiful umbrella which can be popped into your handbag for convenience. Our range of compact Fulton Umbrellas offer some great spring time patterned umbrellas with pretty florals and polka dots that can add a pop of colour to your look during a drizzle. Lightweight and easy to carry, make a Fulton Umbrella an essential spring accessory!


Another wonderful way to update your wardrobe with spring trends is to seek a brand new bag for the new season. What ever your preferred bag style, we’ve got fabulous collection of womens bags with the latest patterns from brands such as Seasalt. We love the Seasalt bags and canvas shopper tote bags that have attractive patterns on which would fit right into your new spring wardrobe. We also have some new Barbous tote bags in stock which are perfect for Spring but can be used into Summer as beach bags!


Cold mornings and warm afternoons are what we can usually expect of early spring, but the contrasting temperatures needn’t mean we remain huddled up in our winter coats! Layers are key during this season, meaning a lighter jacket, a cardigan or jumper, and a top is what you need to take you through the awkward transition stage of spring. The tricky footwear decisions of the season can result in your favourite boots doing extra time from winter into the latest season, or even some short wellies that can act as a practical yet stylish element to your spring outfit whilst dodging those inevitable puddles!


March 23, 2023 — Olivia Welsh