Men’s Underwear Buying Guide

Similar to women’s underwear, there are many different types of men’s underwear designs to choose from, with many people showing a preference to a certain design for style or comfort reasons. Boxers, briefs and trunks are the classic underwear styles for men Read on to find out how to buy men’s underwear, whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one as a gift, in order to get the most out of your Potters Of Buxton purchase.

Choosing the right underwear for you

Updating your underwear drawer can be a simple case of buying the same kind of boxers or briefs, but do you know which underwear is right for you? Consider your body shape and which underwear style will work best for your body. Choose the perfect underwear material so that every wear is a comfortable experience; from cotton to jersey, fabric with a stretch or fabric with moisture wicking abilities will work well for active men. There’s also Spanx underwear for men which will hold you in at all the right places and give you peace of mind when wearing slim-fitting clothing such as t-shirts and jeans.


When it comes to men’s trunks, you’re opting for an underwear design that sits right on the hip with the figure hugging material coming down lower to sit on the mid-thigh. This cut makes them suitable for men with slimmer legs, and for those who prefer to wear slim-cut trousers or skinny jeans as you will avoid getting the material riding up underneath.

The men’s trunks from Jockey Underwear are an ideal example of great fitting trunks that offer high quality material and a stylish look. No side seams result in zero irritation and a comfortable fit, and the Jockey Underwear trunks have that classic thick elastic waistband detail.


Men’s briefs are a traditional underwear option with the classic Y-front design that are often a go-to underwear choice for men of all ages. This type of underwear offers excellent support, so can be a good option for those who do sports activities and regularly go to the gym. Men with larger thigh may also benefit from the brief underwear as they offer a neat and comfortable fit with elasticated edges that stop just above the actual thigh, giving you plenty of movement space.

A favourite range of men’s briefs is the Sloggi briefs for men in a midi brief design that offers a fantastic fit due to its core spun cotton lycra fabric element. This style of men’s underwear often do not feature the open fly detail, but provides a neat fit.


Classic underwear for men in such a traditional shape has to be the much loved pair of boxers. There is the option for long boxer shorts which fall just above the knee for an extra loose fit and breathability, or a more modern pair of boxers that will be slimmer and better tailored to the body. Boxers for men provide a great deal of coverage, not to mention comfort, but men often discover that the loose fit boxers will ride up underneath clothes, so may be best worn to bed or under loose fitting trousers.

Refresh your underwear collection with some brand new Calvin Klein boxers that will become a staple in your everyday underwear wardrobe. The soft touch pure cotton fabric and slim fit cut ensures a flattering boxer short finish, and thanks to the low rise design and close body fit, you can wear your Calvin Klein boxers easily under slim fitting trousers or jeans.

How to choose men’s underwear

There are undoubtedly arguments for and against each of the men’s underwear designs and it will definitely come down to personal taste. Do you feel more secure in a pair of figure hugging briefs, or do you prefer the looser fit of boxers? It can also depend on your trouser style, as those more likely to sport slim fitted denim jeans may want to reduce bulkiness by opting for men’s trunks or briefs. When buying men’s underwear as a gift, if the option is there, try checking out his existing underwear drawer to find out what his underwear style is – this is also a good way to find out his underwear size before you buy. Also pay attention to the material he prefers; perhaps a stretchy fabric is perfect for him or a soft cotton.

Another tip when it comes to buying men’s designer underwear is to opt for underwear sets to get the best value for money.Here at Potters Of Buxton we stock some fantastic men’s underwear gift sets that offer various colours or patterns in the same underwear design.

If you’re looking to update your current underwear collection or looking to treat your partner to a new set of underwear, it can help to discover personal preferences in order to get the most out of them. From boxers to briefs, we hope that this men’s underwear buying guide offers useful information that will encourage you to peruse the men’s underwear department here at Potters Of Buxton in confidence.

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