How To Dress For Early Spring

The unpredictable weather means that our seasonal wardrobe has been experiencing an even longer overlap, with us holding onto our winter woollies and boots whilst the spring weather gets under way. Spring fashion is all about shedding the darker colours and textures of your winter wardrobe, and aiming for lighter, fresher shades with a totally new colour palette. Today at Potters Of Buxton we’re focusing on the 2018 early spring trends that you can begin to wear even though the seasonal weather is taking it’s time to turn! Accessorise for... Read More


Dog Walking Outfit Ideas

There are undeniably many highs and lows of owning a dog, from the unavoidable mess that comes with getting a new puppy to having a loyal friend that will be there for you through thick and thin. A truly enjoyable aspect of having a dog is the chance to get out into the great outdoors regularly to walk them! As our pampered pooches need to be walked no matter the weather, what do you wear for a winter dog walk? At Potters Of Buxton we’re gearing up for the great... Read More